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Our PhD qualified Editorial Board

Dr. Gunnar Moller

Editor in Chief
Royal Society University Research Fellow

Dr. Penny Wozniakiewicz

Associate Editor
Royal Society University Reader

Dr. Peter Hatton

Associate Editor
Royal Society University Fellow

Brigid Carroll

Production Manager


International Journal of scientific studies and qualitative research (IJSSQR)

International Journal of Scientific Studies and Qualitative Research (IJSSQR) is a registered, indexed and archived online journal catering to publishing to a broader audience. With our primary focus on research quality, authentic peer-review, expeditious publishing and rapid research broadcast, IJSSQR enables students, researchers, industrialists and academicians to successfully publish their research and make it instantaneously available globally.


We endeavor to publish authentic research, ensure peer-review, maintain global publishing standards, expedite the publishing process and disseminate your research to a wider audience.


To achieve Open Access and COPE publishing standards, we realize, implement and encourage transparency in the publishing process. With our competent publishing team, IJSSQR focuses on excellence, speed, standards and knowledge


IJSSQR has been publishing authentic and quality research for more than 10 years. Our authors are highly qualified researchers from all around the globe who entrust us to publish their research in our reputed journal

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IJSSQR is an indexed journal hence your research would be abstracted by global indexing bodies,
ensuring that your research is widely disseminated.

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Our Success Stories

In the field of genetics, it really takes a great deal to get published. Thanks to IJSSQR that published my research in the journal of Gene Editing: Curing hereditary diseases, within a matter of week.

Martha Johnson

My experience with IJSSQR was so pleasant. Their publishing process is so simple and easy to follow. I wish, I have known them before, so that I could be able to save my time and money.

Dr. Jang

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IJSSQR is a globally acclaimed, peer-reviewed and transparent journal, enabling students, researchers, industrialists and academicians to successfully publish their research.