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Our PhD qualified Editorial Board

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Editor in Chief
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Associate Editor
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Associate Editor
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We welcome your submission to publish in IJSSQR. Please read the Author Guidelines carefully prior to submission. To ensure the swift publishing of your research manuscript please follow the manuscript formatting guidelines. Please contact us in case of ambiguity. Please make sure that you are not submitting your manuscript twice.

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Our scholars welcome your Research at International Journal of scientific studies and qualitative research (IJSSQR) (IJSSQR). All your original and authentic research is published in our journals! Please use the following options to submit your manuscript. PLEASE AVOID DOUBLE SUBMISSIONS

Submission Process

  • Once your manuscript is submitted and received, our editorial board will send a confirmation of submission.
  • Your manuscript will undergo a plagiarism check. This is important to ensure that only authentic and original research is published in IJSSQR.
  • Your manuscript will be handed over to the scientific community to undergo a rigorous peer-review process. The outcome of the peer-review will be conveyed to you and you will be asked to make revisions if required.
  • Your revised manuscript will be accepted for publishing if approved by the Editor in Chief. This decision would be conveyed to you.
  • You will be asked to pay Author Publishing Charges (APC) prior to production of your approved manuscript.
  • After the APC payment and signing of the copyright declaration form, your manuscript will be published in IJSSQR

General Submission Requirements For All Submission Types

Types of Submissions
  • Completed research papers
  • Research-in-progress papers
  • Panel proposals (submitted to the 'Panels Track' only)
  • English (dialects including American, British, Canadian, etc.) is the language of the conference and of all submissions.
  • Submissions must be original; submissions shouldn't have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Further, submissions must not be currently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.
Submission Requirements
  • All submissions must be in Microsoft© Word .DOC format, Microsoft© Word .DOCX format, or Adobe PDF format.
  • The body of the submission (text, figures, tables, references, and appendices) should be stored in one single file.
  • All figures and illustrations must be inserted into your Word .DOC or Word .DOCX file as either JPG or GIF format (other formats or embedded graphic objects will not convert to PDF correctly).
  • Authors will enter the submission title, abstract, keywords, and author information in the menus prompted by IJSSQR.

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